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Aging Biology and Longevity Biotech Recommended Reading

Mark Hamalainen
Executive Director
November 25, 2023
5 min

Biology is notoriously complex, difficult to measure or model. Aging is an especially challenging topic within biology - still incompletely understood and prone to misconception, narrative fallacy and hype. Unlike other disciplines such as physics, mechanical engineering, and even chemistry - where computational modeling allows rapid iteration and design - we don’t yet have good computational models of biology and so rely heavily on reductionist narratives. Yet we have to start somewhere, and progress has been made! To help people from diverse backgrounds get oriented in aging biology and longevity biotech, we’ve compiled a list of freely available online resources.

Introductions to Biology:

Introductory Biology - MIT Open Courseware

Khan Academy Biology

Introductions to Aging Biology and Longevity Biotech:

Ageless - Andrew Steele

Longevity FAQ - Nintil

The Sheekey Science Show - Eleanor Sheekey

Martin Borch Jenson's Recommended Readings

Some Cautionary Notes on Longevity and Research in General:

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

The Free Radical Fantasy: A Panoply of Paradoxes

Hallmark’s of Aging - Time for a Paradigm Shift?

The Replication Crisis

Ongoing Video/Podcast Series to Stay Updated:

Foresight Biotech and Health Extension Videos

The Drive Podcast - Peter Attia

BioAge’s Translating Aging Podcast - Chris Patil

On Future Directions and Bottlenecks to Progress:

A Future History of Biomedical Progress - Markov Bio

Structural Diversity in Science - Corin Wagin

Debugging Biology - Michael Antonov

This is a preview of a much more comprehensive aging biology and longevity biotech curriculum we are collaborating with other longevity orgs to produce. Stay tuned for more!


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