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Longevity Camps

New Fellows Retreats

What: Kickoff your LBF cohort experience with our immersive retreats. Learn from and network with experts in the field IRL - and get to work on real projects to break bottlenecks to progress in longevity biotech.

Where/When: Rotating locations including Summer Camp in California, Spring Camp in Spain, Winter Camp in Sweden and more TBD! Subscribe or follow us for the latest updates.

Topics: Aging Biology, Biomarkers, Automation, Computational Biology, Gene Delivery, Aging Repair/Replacement, Personal Impact Strategy, Bottlenecks to Progress, and more.

Camp Counsellors

LBF camp counsellors will be onsite, leading workshops and mentoring during the onboarding retreat. Here are some of our regulars, the final list may vary for each retreat.

Anastasiya Giarletta
Partner @ R42 Group
Omri Amirav-Drory
General Partner @ Nfx Bio
Stephanie Dainow
Matthew O'Connor
CEO @ Cyclarity
Jun Axup
Head of Parternships @ E11 Bio
Nikola Markov
Bioinformatics @ Buck Institute
Robert Cargill
CEO @ Glionics
Mark Hamalainen
Ex Director of Science @ Synthego
Peter Fedichev
CSO @ Gero
Alex Kadet
CBO @ Gero
Kia Winslow
Director @ BioAge
Alex Colville
General Partner @ AGE1
Justin Rebo
CEO @ Kind Biotechnology
Ingrid Barbosa-Farias
Engineer @ 1859 Inc
Nathan S. Cheng
Co-founder @ Vitalism

Why Take the Retreat?

Disconnect to Really Connect

Get offline and form deep bonds with your fellow cohort and mentors

Establish Collaborations

Aging is the hardest problem humans have taken on - we need to work together.

Immersion → Creativity

Dedicate your full attention with your peers - make space to consider new ideas, new directions.

Online Onboarding

New Fellows Onboarding

12 Week Online Cohort Program
4-6 hours per week

Expert Talk plus Q/A

Tuesdays 10am Pacific Time

Workshops & Mastermind Group

Thursdays 10am Pacific Time
Alternating workshops and masterminds

Personal Goals & Community Projects

Set goals and check in with LBF staff.
Work with your cohort to break bottlenecks to progress in longevity biotech.

12-Week Schedule

LBF1 Example Schedule


Kristen Fortney (CEO @ BioAge)

What is Aging?

Vadim Gladyshev (Professor @ Harvard Medical School)

Biology of Aging?

Mathew O'Connor (Co-CEO @ Cyclarity Therapeutics)

Measuring Biological Aging

Jarod Rutledge (Co-founder Teal Omics)

State of Longevity Biotech

Nathan Cheng (Founder @ Longevity List)

Building Longevity Biotech Startups

Joe Betts-LaCroix (CEO @ Retro Biosciences)

Replacing Aging

Jean Hebert (Professor @ Einstein College of Medicine)

Investing in LongBio

Sebastian Brunemeier (Co-founder @ Healthspan Capital)

Genetic Medicine

Matt Scholz (CEO @ Oisin Biotechnologies)


Greg Fahy (Intervene Immune, 21st Century Medicine)

Bottlenecks to Progress

Michael Florea (Harvard)

Longevity Culture and Outreach

Keith Comito & Stephanie Dainow (



Journal Club


Inspiration from Effective Altruism


Inspiration from other Domains


Building your Future


Breaking Bottlenecks


Cultural Transformation


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Work through your challenges in a supportive environment and get practical tips and guidelines from individuals who’ve been in similar situations.
Develop deep relationships with talented peers from around the world that will last far beyond your learning groups.
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