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**Alumni include attendees of prior Longevity Biotech Fellowship, ODLB, and Less Death cohorts.
Experts are people already deep in longevity work who don't need the onboarding program.

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What others are saying about the Longevity Biotech Fellowship.

"Has given me the necessary understanding of the aging biotech field to pursue professional opportunities”

Engineer @ Google

“Testimonial 2"

Sam Sharifi
Founder @ Matter Bioworks

“Testimonial 3

Mahmud Niloy
Superflow Developer

“Testimonial 4

Mahmud Niloy
Superflow Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should apply?

To be a good fit for the Longevity Biotech Fellowship, you are probably:

- 100% committed to working in longevity
- Interested in starting, joining, or investing in longevity biotech startups, FROs, academic labs or similar.
- Have an operating or technical background
- Eager to be an active participant and contributor in a growing longevity-focused community
- Unflinchingly mission-driven.

What's the application process like?

To apply for the onboarding cohort fellowship program (newcomers) or to join the community (longevity professionals):

1. Submit an online application (~ 7 mins).

2. We will review your application. If a good fit, we will contact you to set up a ~20 min Zoom interview to get to understand your goals better and answer any questions you might have.

3. After the interview, successful candidates will be contacted by email to confirm registration and payment.

Is this an online or in-person program?


We onboard each cohort with an optional in-person 3-day retreat where members interact with mentors in intimate workshops on topics in aging biology and the longevity biotech industry.

After the retreat, we continue with a 12-week online program, with live talks and Q&As, networking, mastermind groups, IRL meetups, and more.

Is the in-person retreat mandatory?


While the retreat/camp experience is highly recommended, we understand not everyone can travel to the locations. If accepted, you may also join a cohort online and attend a future retreat.

Do I need a biology background to apply?


While having formal biology training is an advantage for working in longevity biotech, it is not necessary. Many great founders and operators in our industry come from diverse experience and backgrounds.

We do recommend those who have zero knowledge of biology consider taking a free introductory biology course like MIT's 7.00X.

How much does it cost?

New membership for the Longevity Biotech Fellowship is $1299, which includes:
- 3-day intensive in-person retreat
- 12-week online cohort program
- and one year access to the Fellowship community.

New membership for the Longevity Biotech Fellowship without in-person retreat (i.e online only) is $899, which includes one year access to the Fellowship community.

Annual membership for alumni or those already with a career in longevity is $199/yr for professionals and $99/yr for students and early stage entrepreneurs.

Are there scholarships available?


We want to make the Longevity Biotech Fellowship as accessible as possible -- no matter your financial situation.

All successful applicants who require financial assistance will be given the opportunity to request a scholarship to help cover their cost.

What's the time commitment?

The retreat: 3 full days of workshops, talks, and social activities.

Online 12-week program: Between attending sessions, meeting other fellows 1:1, curated mastermind groups you can expect to spend ~2-4 hours per week engaging with the program - or more if you'd like to volunteer for a community project like running a local chapter.