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Announcing the Longevity Biotech Fellowship

Mark Hamalainen
Executive Director
November 25, 2023

A new initiative to increase the number of people working on longevity.

Would you like to help accelerate the biggest revolution in the history of medicine? Apply to the Longevity Biotech Fellowship (LBF) — a non-profit community for people to come together to build, join, or invest in revolutionary longevity biotechnology projects.

The longevity biotech industry has seen incredible growth over the past five years, but still represents less than 1% of total biotech market capitalization - and only 0.5% of NIH grants go towards aging biology. This despite the fact that aging is the root cause of most diseases, responsible for the large majority of physical suffering, medical expenses, and death.

To accelerate the growth of this industry, Nathan Cheng (program director for ODLB), Mark Hamalainen and Jun Axup (founders of LessDeath and Longevity Summer Camp) have joined forces to launch this new non-profit community.

The Longevity Biotech Fellowship’s mission is to help talented and mission-driven individuals to  get involved in longevity and maximize their impact - and to work together to break bottlenecks to progress.

Our community is looking for talent in science, engineering, software, data, operations, automation, finance, and more! You don’t need a PhD in aging biology to make big contributions - We’ll help you fill the gaps in your knowledge, get connected, and get to work.

Over two dozen industry leading founders, investors, scientists, engineers and operators are volunteering their time as mentors for the Fellowship, including Joe Betts-LaCroix of Retro, Kristen Fortney of BioAge, Omri Amirav-Drory of Renewal Bio, and many more.

New members get an intensive orientation in-person retreat, 12-week online core curriculum, and a year of access to the community platform with weekly new online content, thriving online discussions, IRL meetups, job and startup fairs and more. Our team has a track record of helping people find jobs, make hires, meet co-founders, get funding, and make investments in longevity.

Best of all you’ll be joining a community of like-minded professionals working together to maximize healthy human lifespan.

The deadline for applications for the first cohort of the Longevity Biotech Fellowship is December 31st, with the in-person retreat kicking off the cohort on Jan 12th-16th in Stinson Beach, California — just one hour away from San Francisco.

Admissions are on a rolling basis and spots are limited. Candidates are highly encouraged to apply early at!


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